Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scuffle at the ‘Gate'?

Update [2006-4-22 17:18:28 by howieinseattle]: In hopes of getting more ideas, I offer another blurb from Eskow:
"Short version: If Hillary's the nominee, there's going to be a major scuffle at the 'gate' between these two factions. The relative unity of the blogging left, which has been one of its major strengths, will be fractured. The overall effect of such a split is hard to predict."

RJ Eskow argues on The Huffington Post that Kos and Armstrong won't be able to keep the blogosphere unified because of an impending conflict between the 'technocrats' who want to win and the 'values' activists who want to stay true to their beliefs.
"There's a major split coming in the so-called 'progressive blogosphere,' and these two talented thinkers and writers won't be able to straddle the divide much longer.

The brawl they try valiantly to avoid is one that's been brewing for some time now, but has yet to fully erupt. One side of the progressive/liberal commentariat (especially bloggers) wants to grow and strengthen the Democratic Party - while placing ideology second. The other fights for a set of core values first and foremost, and considers the Democratic Party to be nothing more than a weapon in an ongoing struggle.

One side would provide technical and consulting support to Democratic candidates that represent a wide ideological swath - and, not incidentally, would like to be the Party's new leadership. The other side, while having remained true to the Party by and large for many years, now stands ready to abandon it if need be - especially on the national level, should a right-leaning candidate (or one cynically assuming a right-wing pose) lead the ticket in 2008."

Howie opinion: I would like to think that Eskow is a trouble-maker, but I fear he is merely correct. Anybody got any ideas on this? If he is right, how can we avoid another divisive fight?

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