Friday, February 29, 2008

Fear Factor (with video)

hillaryclintondotcom, video (00:31):
On March 4th, your vote will decide who will be in the White House to pick up the phone when it rings at 3 AM.

t4change, video (00:51):
US Democrats - Walter Mondale 1984,Presidential Election Commercial.
Howie P.S.: Ben Smith says the Clinton spot is "the scariest ad of the cycle," and points to the Mondale spot above as the "template for dozens of others over the years." I remember when a certain college graduate student was debating a U.S. State Department representative who was the son of a pro-war (Vietnam) United States Senator. The Senator's son asked the audience
Whose hand would you rather have on the rudder of the ship of state...the hand that burns the draft card--- or the steady, sure hand of Lyndon Johnson?

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