Friday, July 24, 2009

Muni League: Mallahan "Outstanding"

Joel Connelly (Seattle PI):
T-Mobile executive Joe Mallahan was the lone Seattle mayoral hopeful rated "Outstanding" in the Seattle-King County Municipal League's much-watched candidate ratings, coming in one category above the "very good" rating given incumbent Mayor Greg Nickels.

Nickels has bounced around over the years between "Outstanding" and "very good." The higher rating for Mallahan - a political neophyte - is highly unusual.

Three other front-rank mayoral candidates received lower ratings.

City Councilwoman Jan Drago and Sierra Club activist Mike McGinn were rated as "good," while former Seattle SuperSonic James Donaldson was given a lower evaluation of "adequate".

All four Democrats seeking the officially non-partisan job of King County Executive - Dow Constantine, Fred Jarrett, Ross Hunter and Larry Phillips - were rated as "very good." Former KIRO-TV anchor Susan Hutchison, who leads in the polls, was a notch lower at "good."

A trio of Seattle City Council candidates won the coveted "Outstanding" rating.

Seattle City Council president Richard Conlin, who always aces the Muny League's evaluations, received an "Outstanding." Challenger David Ginsberg was evaluated as "adequate."

In the race to succeed Drago, leaving the council after four terms, former prosecutor Sally Bagshaw was rated as "Outstanding." Opponents Dorsal Plants and David Bloom were given ratings of "Good."

The other open seat - now held by Councilman Richard McIver - saw a wide variance in ratings.

Businessman and three-time council candidate Robert Rosencrantz received the coveted "Outstanding." Wedgwood activist David Miller and former mayoral aide Jordan Royer were rated "Very Good."

Down a notch, at "Good," were Seattle Dept. of Transportation official Bobby Forch and Sierra Club activist Mike O'Brien.

Rusty Williams, son of the late Councilwoman Jeanette Williams, was rated as not qualified.

The Muny League did not give an advantage in what's shaping up as the hottest race involving a council incumbent.

Councilman Nick Licata was rated as "very good," along with challengers Jessie Israel and Marty Kaplan.

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