Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rep. Joe Courtney to Congress: "You Have Public Health Plan. Why Not American People?" (video)

Greg Sargent, with video (04:52):
It’s not every day that you hear a member of Congress call out his colleagues quite this aggressively.

Check out this video (above) of Dem Rep Joe Courtney, demanding that members of Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, explain why it’s okay for them to oppose a public health insurance option when they themselves enjoy exactly the same thing.

Courtney rapped his colleagues for opposing the public plan this way:

When I listen to the hysterical descriptions of what is in this legislation, I would remind many members to look at themselves in the mirror. Because what they are presently entitled to as members of Congress is exactly what this legislation is proposing to create for all Americans.

Courtney went on to blast opposition to the public plan as “hogwash,” and concluded: “At the end of the day, we must give the people of this country exactly what they give us.”

I’d only add that if Courtney wants a major breakout moment on the House floor, he might start naming specific colleagues who enjoy public health insurance but don’t want to extend it to the public at large. Still, it’s strong stuff, in an understated way, and I suggest you watch the whole thing.

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