Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seattle Times Knocks Hutchison---Endorses Jarrett, Hunter

Seattle PI (Strange Bedfellows):

The Seattle Times on Friday endorsed Eastsiders Fred Jarrett and Ross Hunter for King County executive in next month's primary.

In giving the nod to Jarrett, a Democratic state senator from Mercer Island, and Hunter, a Democratic state representative from Bellevue, the county's last remaining daily newspaper spurned Seattleites and current County Councilmen Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips. Fairview Fannie also took a swipe at the frontrunner in the race, Susan Hutchison.

Yes, voters know Susan Hutchison's name better from her many years as a news anchor on KIRO-TV, but name familiarity is no substitute for the skills needed to run a troubled government. Citizens know less about her views on complicated issues because she worked diligently during the campaign to minimize what voters learned about her.

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