Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"After Citizen's United: What's Next? Public Forum, March 10th at UW‏"

Tiffany McGuyer:

On January 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the right to unlimited spending to influence elections.

Join us at a public forum on

After Citizen's United: What's Next?
Thursday, March 10th at 7:00
University of Washington, Kane Hall, Rm 220

• John Bonifaz - Free Speech For People
• Jeffrey Clements - Free Speech For People
• Lynne Dodson - Washington State Labor Council
• Steve Breaux - WashPIRG
• Dorry Elias-Garcia - Minority Executive Directors Coalition of King County

Enrique Cerna from KCTS Channel 9 will moderate the event!

Sponsored by Washington Public Campaigns, UW Law School, UW Department of Communications, Free Speech For People , MoveOn Seattle Council, Minority Executive Directors Coalition, League of Women Voters - Seattle/King County and WashPIRG.

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