Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daniel Ellsberg on Why He Demonstrated Saturday on Behalf of Bradley Manning @ the White House (with video)

Jane Hamsher (FDL) with video (10:02):
I’m on chauffeur duty again this weekend, driving Dan Ellsberg to the White House for a rally today at 12 noon. Dan, Kevin Zeese and Retired Col. Ann Wright are board members of the Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund, and they will be calling on President Obama to end Manning’s abusive conditions at Quantico.

Other speakers include Elliott Adams, Chantelle Bateman, Brian Becker, Medea Benjamin, Zachary Choate, Ryan Endicott, Ayesha Fleary, Chris Hedges, Kathy Kelly, Mike Malloy, Michael McPhearson, Caneisha Mills, Ralph Nader and Debra Sweet. I’m really looking forward to it, and if you’re in the area I hope you’ll come down and join us.

I’ll be live tweeting the event. You can follow me here.

Tomorrow we’ll be at Quantico for the demonstration, and FDL will be live streaming the event. You can find details about everything that is going on this weekend at Stop These, and sign up for tomorrow’s Quantico rally here.

Howie P.S.: This talk by Ellsberg is not an easy sound bite, but well worth your time. Here's the video of Ellsberg getting arrested later @ the White House.

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