Monday, March 14, 2011

Seattle: "Legally Stoned-Medical marijuana in school and the workplace"

Andy Boelter (The Garfield Messenger):
Interestingly enough, Seattle Public Schools does not have an official policy for dealing with users of medical marijuana. When it comes to the issue of use at school, Garfield Teen Health Center nurse Chris Cordell says, “There is no policy in place, but I would work with the student and his or her family to create a care plan.”

But in Chase’s case, his parents don’t know that he uses marijuana medically..Once one turns eighteen, he or she can legally get a card without his or her parents knowing. “If you have a real problem,” Chase says, “It is extremely easy to get a card. If you don’t, it is still probably likely.” He is not the only student at Garfield with a medical card.

Nurse Cordell has mixed feelings about teens in school using medical marijuana.

“When marijuana is used appropriately, there are times when it is very helpful,” she says, measuring her words carefully. “However it is really not a safe drug. Teenagers brains are still developing and you really want to minimize exposure to it.”

The debate over the legality of marijuana rages on. Sometimes it is legal, and other times it is illegal. Marijuana users beware, there is always a risk under federal law. But many times these laws can be bypassed. MORE...

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