Saturday, October 01, 2011

Valerie Wilson with Olbermann on "a world free of nuclear weapons" (video)

Current, with video (07:16):
Keith and Valerie Plame Wilson, anti-nuclear weapons activist and former CIA officer, discuss President Obama's call for a world free of nuclear weapons during his speech last week at the United Nations. Wilson is now working with the Global Zero campaign, which seeks to eliminate nuclear weapons. Next month, she will be launching an ad campaign with actress Naomi Watts, who played her in the movie "Fair Game."
Howie P.S.: H/t to Darryl's always awesome "Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!" Other highlights there this week are "Actually, Occupy Wall Street's Message Couldn't Be Any Clearer" (Sam Seder), "Rachel Maddow gives compelling argument for Occupy Wall Street protest," "LIVE at Occupy Wall Street: Interviewing the Occupiers" (Sam Seder), and "Markos Moulitsas on Roger Ailes' attempt at rebranding Fox."

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