Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Conyers Wants Original Exit Poll Data

The P-I and Times articles both start with the same copy, from the AP. But the P-I story goes long, 15 paragraphs long. One little sentence not in the Times story: "Conyers' letter said the exit poll information could help determine whether there is evidence "of voting irregularities that occurred as a result of poor election practices and intentional voter disenfranchisement." Update: Conyers told Air America host Ed Schultz that "absolutely one Senator would stand up on 1/6 and contest the electoral vote" and he believes more than one will stand up and contest.-from this post on the Democratic Underground site, sent along by dedicated reader Annie Robbins. Update: "...volunteer attorneys have poured into Columbus from around the US to help investigate the bitterly contested presidential vote that has allegedly given George W. Bush Ohio's electoral votes and thus a second term. A lawsuit filed at the Ohio Supreme Court charges that a fair vote count would give the state and the presidency to John Kerry rather than Bush."-new today, from the Columbus Free Press, "Ohio electoral fight becomes 'biggest deal since Selma' as GOP stonewalls."

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Homeless Comic said...

The problem is senator Kerry isn't willing to stand up and contest the election. This leads me to believe all the more the election was a scam. They're both from the same devil club so does it really matter which devil gets in?