Friday, December 31, 2004

''Dino-zilla'' or ''Groundhog Day'' meets ''The Last Hurrah''?

P-I columnist ROBERT L. JAMIESON Jr. paints the picture. On the P-I's news pages, there's "Gregoire certified as next governor--Rossi won't quit; he cites 3,500 'mystery voters.'" The Seattle Times has, "Doubts linger as Gregoire win certified." Bonus feature: "King County voter list: November 2004." You "can use this database to search for voters by name, along with ZIP code and precinct. It will show whether an individual voted, by absentee ballot or at the poll, or did not vote." The Olympian prints the AP wire story that puts Sam Reed center stage: "Reed, a veteran county and state election administrator, said he was "shocked and stunned'' by just how close it was. The dependably Democratic state went for John Kerry and re-elected Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and six Democratic congressmen, and installed a Democratic Legislature. The gap is 15-10,000th of a percentage point, the closest finish in American election annals, Reed said. The election is accurate to within 99.999 percent, not perfect but close enough, he said. Reed said there are probably valid explanations for the dispute in King County, where Rossi received a list of 895,660 people who voted, versus the 899,199 number that the county certified." Update: The Olympian has replaced the AP story quoted above with one by Brad Shannon, one of their own reporters. His story features quotes from House Speaker Chopp, the Senate Republican leader, a review of the state constitution, an interview with a Seattle couple touring the capitol and a link to "Apply to be on the Gregoire transition team." The updated AP wire story now has a new headline: "Gregoire Focuses on Gubernatorial Duties." The P-I has added a new story this morning, "Contesting the election: How it would likely work."

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