Friday, December 31, 2004

''DNC Race Heats Up''

MyDD thoroughly updates the horse race, with Howard Dean still a few lengths ahead as he "continues to work away under the radar, even on the web". Political Wire has this excerpt from the Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire": The race for DNC Chair will "accelerate at regional party meetings. Candidates to succeed departing Chairman McAuliffe will scramble for support at four gatherings, beginning in Atlanta Jan. 8 and concluding in New York Jan. 29. Dean, riding grass-roots fervor, remains front-runner for the early February national-committee vote. He faces competition from ex-Reps. Roemer and Frost. Former Denver Mayor Webb eyes support from fellow African-Americans, who constitute nearly one-fourth of the committee. Former Clinton aide Ickes is a wild card. Upstart Simon Rosenberg, who heads the New Democrat Network, trumpets the ability to run the 'huge business' the party has become." In line with their free enterprise beliefs, the WSJ makes you pay to read their full story.

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