Thursday, December 09, 2004

Full Text of Dean's Speech Yesterday with Comments

From Kos. Update: Arianna Huffington tells us about "The Next DNC Chair: Why You Should Care." Here's a blurb: "That’s why the DNC race is so important. The party needs a chairman able to drive a stake through the heart of its bankrupt GOP-lite strategy and champion the populist economic agenda that has already proven potent at the ballot box in many conservative parts of the country. Just how potent is revealed in “The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code,” a brilliant upcoming American Prospect cover story by David Sirota that shows how a growing number of Democrats in some of the reddest regions in America have racked up impressive, against-the-grain wins by framing a progressive economic platform in terms of values and right vs. wrong. These are not “left” ideas; they are good ideas." Here's "The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code,"referenced above.

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