Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dino Throws a ''Hail Mary'' (UPDATED)

Three new stories out 'round midnight Wednesday just add a few fine points to the tale: Point one-"A revote would have to be approved by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature."-from the AP story on Yahoo News, currently the #5 Most Viewed story. Point two-"Restoring voter confidence is also the goal of a Bellevue company Munro is involved in. He is chairman of the board of Votehere Inc., which is developing a technology for a secure and confidential "voter receipt" that would show a voter that a vote had been recorded and counted properly. The company's Web site says it "is striving to return confidence to voters and calm to its election official customers."-from tonight's Seattle Times story, "Rossi urges revote to fix "mess." Point Three: "Seattle University political science professor Erik Olsen said Rossi's call for another election was inappropriate. "There is a process in place and you can't just willy-nilly set up new elections," Olsen said."-from tonight's P-I story, "Rossi calls for another election." Update: The Tacoma News Tribune runs with the AP story but adds the perfect headline: "Rossi pleads for new election." Just to put the whole "revote" thing in perspective, MYDD has this: "The last time a statewide revote was done in any state, to my knowledge, was in 1975 in New Hampshire for a US Senate seat," in the post "NC To Have Statewide Revote." Update: This morning's story in the Olympian has this: "Some Republicans, such as former Thurston County Commissioner Dick Nichols, said it's time for Rossi to concede. He sent an e-mail to Rossi's campaign expressing those thoughts, believing Rossi could do more harm than good to himself and the state by fighting on. "I was a contributor to the campaign and a very ardent supporter," Nichols said in a telephone interview. "I think he would have made a tremendous governor. ... So for me to say I think a concession is in order is a big pill to swallow. I can only intellectualize from his view what it must feel like to be that close. ... But at some point I think you have to take a look at reality." Secretary of State Reed was out of state and could not be reached to comment immediately. His spokeswoman, Trova Hutchins, said they plan a media-only event in Reed's Capitol office to certify Gregoire as the winner at 10 a.m. today. The big blow to GOP efforts to have additional ballots counted came this week when auditors in key Republican counties, including Lewis and Clark, refused to allow a reconsideration of ballots after the latest county certification of results."

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