Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Legal Fight Begins--Gary on ''HOLD''

"If the legal fighting does not produce a new governor by the scheduled Jan. 12 inauguration, lame-duck Gov. Gary Locke, a Democrat, may have to stick around. That is because of a provision of the state constitution that says the governor's term of office is four years "and until his successor is elected and qualified." Locke has made it clear he is not interested in hanging around.-from the AP story tonight, "Wash. Recount Favors Democratic Challenger." Update: From a Seattle Times story filed late Wednesday evening, "Brief likens recount to Nixon's 1960 race: "In a friend-of-the-court brief filed yesterday in the state Supreme Court, former Republican Attorney General Ken Eikenberry and the influential Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) compared King County's ballot-counting problems to Daley's alleged manipulation of the Chicago vote when he was mayor during the 1960 presidential election. The Democrats responded to the BIAW and Eikenberry in a filing yesterday. The party called it "an apparent attempt to insinuate indirectly what plaintiffs ... could not prove, that there is even the slightest indication of fraud in the manual recount of the Washington Governor's race in King County [or anywhere else for that matter.]" When will we see the "Republican Thugs for Truth" ads?

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