Tuesday, December 28, 2004

''Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote Closer ''

But not by much. Those behind the suit that is making a legal challenge to the vote had this to say: "Cliff Arnebeck, an attorney representing the voters in the challenge, wasn't taking much stock in the recount effort. He questioned why there was no independent investigation into the accuracy of counting machines to determine whether the machines had been tampered with."You're allowing the original error to be repeated a second time, so it's not a meaningful recount," he said."-from the AP story put out by Yahoo News. David Lytel of RedefeatBush, in a post on the ILCA online site says, "There are considerably more reported cases of vote suppression, fraudulent vote casting and fraudulent vote counting than George W. Bush’s margin of victory in Ohio. In all likelihood the surveys of voters as they left the polling places are accurate and considerably more people went to the polls that day to vote for John Kerry both in Ohio and nationwide. Should he be re-inaugurated on January 20th Bush will once again be securing the greatest prize the American political system has to offer, the presidency, through fraud, deception and illegal activity aided by a willfully ignorant press."-from the story, "The End is Near: The Coming Constitutional Insurrection." Update: From today's Minneapolis Star Tribune: "We may never know what happened in the Ohio vote." This is a first person account from the cofounder of the Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections - Minnesota, a grass-roots group that advocates for election integrity. Group members went to Ohio as election observers.

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