Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cincinatti Enquirer--"Dems: Voters blocked in Ohio"

"WASHINGTON - Blacks and young voters in Ohio faced widespread voter suppression - mostly because of long lines and improper identification checks - during last year's presidential election, a new report released Wednesday by the Democratic Party said.
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said that while it's unclear whether the suppression was intentional or whether it influenced the election results, the party's five-month, $250,000 investigation showed that 28 percent of Ohio voters - and twice as many black voters - reported facing challenges on Election Day.

"You have a particular ethnic group that has to wait three times as long as other voters, then clearly there is something going on that is aimed at particular precincts," Dean said at a news conference in Washington. "This is really a serious problem." Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, said: "This report belongs in history's trash bin right next to Howard Dean's failed tenure as DNC chair. Dean is a national disgrace."-from the story in today's Cincinatti Enquirer. Note that Mr. LoParo does not dispute the report's conclusions, but chooses to make a personal attack on the messenger.

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