Thursday, June 23, 2005

''Give 'Em Heck, Howard''

"...mild-mannered Democrats may still be confused as to why we need a pit bull to lead our party when many would prefer a poodle. I understand their trepidation because it's true: The political debate shouldn't sound like a squabble of snotty bloggers. But then, Republicans shouldn't have allowed a gang of corporate crypto-fascist criminals to take over their party, either. As far as this not-so-mild-mannered Democrat is concerned, Dean is only responding in a reasonable and proper tone to a power-hungry monster whose method is to utterly destroy all opposition, and then kick the corpses when they run out of fresh meat. when the Rove Regime wants America to think something, they pass it on to the likes of Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Armstrong Williams and Baby Face Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Bob Novak and Joe Scarborough ... you know, the whole right-wing lynch mob, which exists solely for the purpose of making the opposition look like enemies and thoughtful Americans look like freaks.

These hyenas can get away with saying virtually anything that crosses their little hyena minds. "Liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots," says Ann Coulter, and earns herself a Time magazine cover for such repugnant drivel. Michael Savage calls the grand tradition of liberalism a "mental illness," and becomes one of the top radio personalities for the feeble-minded talk show addicts.

But do the leaders of their party object to such inflammatory slop? Are the leaders of their party concerned that such vitriolic rhetoric is unhealthy-dangerous to a functioning democracy and civil society? Do the leaders of their party demand apologies from such frothing lunatic Nazi retards?

Of course not. But when Howard Dean points out the obvious, that "Republicans are mean and nasty people," they go sensitive schoolboy on us and want him to take it back. Screw 'em. The right called the duel, named the weapons and came up with the rules. Now let them lose fair and square."-from Bill Cope's column in the Boise Weekly(ID).

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