Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dean: Time for Bush to Return Dirty Money

"June 30, 2005---

With the arrival of the second quarter fundraising deadline, DNC Chairman Howard Dean called on President Bush to return the $2.4 million in tainted money that his campaign has collected over the last six years. From scandal plagued lobbyist Jack Abramoff to disgraced coin dealer Thomas Noe, the Bush team gobbled up funds from anyone willing to pay for access. Numerous Republicans lawmakers in Ohio have already returned money that Noe raised for their campaigns, but the President of the United States has refused to do the same.

“President Bush should do the right thing, follow the lead of numerous lower-level officeholders and return the money raised by his disgraced donors and fundraisers,” said Dean. “The appearance of corruption is seeping into this White House because George Bush and the Republicans have refused to return money raised and sever their ties to people like Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Tom Noe, all under federal investigation. By accepting millions in campaign cash from donors now facing federal investigations, the Bush-Cheney campaign looked the other way while their coffers were filled with dirty money."-from the DNC website today.

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