Thursday, June 30, 2005

''Democratic Ranks Pleased by Dean Performance''

"WASHINGTON — Capitol Hill Democrats may be saying that the chairman of the Democratic National Committee doesn't speak for them, but Democratic activists and rank-and-file members outside the Beltway say they are happy with Dean's no-nonsense approach.

"People outside Washington, D.C., love Howard Dean. He raises money for state parties, he sends money to state parties and he's attacking Republicans. That's what the chair of the party is," said Bob Mulholland (search), a campaign adviser to the California Democratic Party and one of the DNC members who in February voted for the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential hopeful to become chairman.

"There is overwhelming support for Governor Dean, and [Democrats] say, 'keep hitting them Republicans,'" Mulholland said, adding that he has seen no backlash against Dean since some comments he made about Republicans drew fire in early June. "Since then he's been on the road and getting good crowds."-from the story on Faux News tonight.

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