Monday, June 20, 2005


We broke the story here on June 3rd. Today, the P-I finally gets around to covering it: "Speeches by King County Executive Ron Sims might soon become a lot livelier. Sandeep Kaushik, known for hard-hitting and entertaining stories as a reporter for The Stranger, has left the paper to work for Sims. Carolyn Duncan, spokeswoman for Sims, confirmed that Kaushik started last week as a deputy communications director. He'll work on general public relations and speeches. "It's true. We're thrilled to have him," she said.

But if Kaushik brings with him The Stranger's taste in language, Sims might just require the services of a censor, as well." The main stream media, always going to for the sensational angle. Just keep scrolling down past the stories on cherries, Paul Allen and Cleveland.

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