Thursday, June 30, 2005

Joan Vennochi: 'Democrats buy into Bush's War'

Writing today in the Boston Globe, Vennochi is one of the better msm scribes: "THERE WAS a rare expression of candor concerning the Iraq war on Tuesday night. It did not come from President Bush. It came from Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Kerry, who was interviewed on "Larry King Live" after the president's speech, was asked by substitute host Bob Costas if he and other Democrats were "too docile and too compliant" in the weeks leading up to the US invasion of Iraq and failed to ask tough, skeptical questions in the run-up to war. Replied Kerry: "Many of the questions were raised, but not enough. I plead guilty. And I think a lot of people in the party would." It was an acknowledgement of political truth from the former Democratic presidential nominee. For the most part, Democrats bought into Bush's war when he first promoted it, and they share some responsibility for it now. And despite their noisy criticism of Bush, they still do buy into his war. Democrats complain about the deception that got us into Iraq in the first place and the mythical link between Iraq and the September 11 terrorist attacks that Bush continues to advance. Still, leading Democrats seem to agree with the president: We can't leave now."-via The Smirking Chimp. She's half right concerning Howard Dean. He never "bought into" this war.

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