Sunday, June 19, 2005

''Democrats need Dean''

"There's reason Demos are in minority these days -- too timid.

WASHINGTON - Buck up, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. You're on the right track. Noisy is good. Mean is even better. The Republicans can ridicule you all they want. It only means you have their attention and they are worried. The lame duck blues are upon them. And they need a taste of their own medicine. The Democratic congressional leadership, as usual nervous about Dean's outspoken habit, cravenly criticized Dean for recent incendiary anti-GOP comments and urged him to tone it down. But there's a reason the Democrats are in the minority everywhere in the federal government -- too much timidity in the face of controversy. Grow a spine, fellows. When the Republicans push, promptly push back.

Good manners never won an election."-from today's nationally syndicated column by MARIANNE MEANS.

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