Wednesday, June 15, 2005

''Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee on The Downing Street Minutes'' (UPDATED)

"When: Wednesday, June 15th, 3:30 PM Pacific/6:30 PM EDT,

Where: Everywhere...

How to Participate? Two ways:
1. RSVP ASAP ( to guarantee a spot on the conference call.
2. You may also Log in to ask questions online while you listen at
(This chat room may also be used to que questions if necessary)
We have invited the Hon. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas, 18th, a member of the House Judiciary Committee to join us to discuss the relevance and potential consequences of the recently discovered Downing Street Minutes. As concerned citizens around the country push for a Resolution of Inquiry, to force accountability on Bush administration fixing of intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion, the Backbone Campaign is proud to provide this opportunity to you. Join us to discuss this quickly evolving controversy with the Congresswoman and other experts such as Constitutional Lawyer John Bonifaz ( bio) the day before Thursday's WA D.C. hearings and demonstrations. After last Friday's Judiciary Committee Patriot Act hearing fiasco, which was prematurely brought to a close by House Judiciary Chair Congressman James Sensenbrenner turning off the mics, Congresswoman must will certainly be able to provide some insights on the looming battles ahead.

If you have have further questions please feel free to call Backbone Campaign Director Bill Moyer at 206-408-8058."-thanks to Roger Fulton for passing this on to me. UPDATE: Sharon Lynch tells me that a poster on Kos says the Conyers Hearing will be televised on C-SPAN3. See the announcement here on the C-SPAN site, under "This Week on C-SPAN" (Thurs., June 16, at 11:30am Seattle time).

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