Thursday, June 23, 2005

''The Gloves Come Off''

AOL News sets up a Dick Cheney vs. Howard Dean competition: "This certainly isn't the first time politicians have publicly traded barbs. But now it's getting personal between Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean."-from AOL's Daily Pulse. They have some online polls:

Who do you think won this war of words?
Howard Dean 52%
Dick Cheney 48%

Does this type of exchange make politics more or less appealing?
Less 68%
More 32%

Total Votes: 118,419

Who is a bigger asset to his party?
Dick Cheney 52%
Howard Dean 48%

Who do you think is the more effective public speaker?
Howard Dean 51%
Dick Cheney 49%

Total Votes: 121,518

Exercise your right to vote here.

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