Sunday, June 26, 2005

''Stellar Advice to DNC: Hijack the Family Values Mantle''

"Attention Dr. Dean! Here's the best political strategy advice for the Democratic Party that I've heard in quite a while: According to a research study released by EMILY's List on June 22 entitled "Women at the Center of Change," Republicans are losing the support among women that won them the White House in 2004. The national survey of more than 2,000 women and 600 men found that one third of women who voted for Bush are not planning to vote Republican in the 2006 Congressional election.

"There is a clear message from the women we spoke to: never stand between a woman and her desire to protect and care for her family," said EMILY's List President Ellen R. Malcolm of the study. "Republicans will continue to lose women if they fail to respect that women see themselves -- not government or politicians -- as the arbiter of family values."-from the post on Heart, Soul & Humor, cross posting "Women Lead the Progressive Charge" by Tamara Straus on AlterNet.

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