Tuesday, June 21, 2005

''Howard Dean was right''

"Howard Dean, the Democratic Party chairman, was right on the money when he said recently that the GOP is "not very friendly to different kinds of people," and he was right when he said the Republicans are "pretty much a white, Christian party."
This is the party that wants to end affirmative action, outlaw abortion, put prayer in public schools, post the 10 Commandments in court houses and amend the Constitution to discriminate against gays. Of course they're a white, Christian party.

So what's all the fuss about?

Dean's error was strategic, not substantive. In politics, you never attack your enemies when they're making a mistake, and Dean's attack diverted attention from the Republicans' numerous mistakes. The Republicans get away with their hypocrisy only because the pathetically feeble Democrats won't stand up and challenge the GOP. The Democrats still haven't learned how to be an opposition party. When Republicans take a position, they stick to it with remarkable discipline and repeat it ad nauseum until the media reports it and we believe it. They have slandered and smeared their opponents -- from Dukakis to Kerry -- with hot-button lies and distortions. Remember the Dukakis "Pledge of Allegiance" controversy, the Kerry Swift Boat attacks and the meandering Clinton Whitewater investigation. The Democrats, on the other hand, step forward timidly and then retreat as soon as they encounter even a tiny bit of resistance. Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Bill Richardson, Mark Warner and Nancy Pelosi all left Dr. Dean hanging when asked to respond to his remarks. But that's exactly why Howard Dean's hard-edged approach resonates with many disenchanted Democrats. "The one thing that we have to do in the Democratic Party is to stop being afraid of being different from the Republicans and stand up for what we believe in," Dean said recently.

He's right. Somebody needs to speak out repeatedly and forcefully against the gross mismanagement, unbridled corruption and criminal abuse of power in Washington. If the Democrats don't do it, they don't deserve to be elected. Instead of getting outraged about Howard Dean, we should get outraged about the things that outraged him -- the GOP's widespread mismanagement, greed, corruption and rampant abuse of power. Would the real Democratic Party please stand up?"-former Clinton White House staffer Keith Boykin on GAY.com.


stevie.be. said...

so i do agree with a couple of views of the conversative mindset i more strongly agree, especially as the days pass by, with dean's views on this group of people being a big white christian family of sorts. its almost out of control.

Daryl Glen said...

What's out of control about being a Christian anyway? What's the big deal about displaying the ten commandments anywhere? What have Christians ever done to harm anyone? In this PC America, we get all in a tizzy if someone is accused of flushing the Muslim bible down the toilet(allegedly), but in the same breath, we freak out if ten wise rules on how to live a decent, moral life are displayed in a courthouse. I mean, really. What's the big deal about having the words "Thou shalt not kill" displayed in a courthouse?
We bend over backwards to protect every religion on the face of the planet EXCEPT Christianity.
Why do you think that is?
If libs want open acceptance of every race, religion, sexual preference etc..., they better start practicing what they preach.

Howard Martin said...

Would you be upset if someone flushed the New Testament down the toilet or posted quotes from the Koran in your local courthouse?

Sean "2035 Prez" Chrest said...
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Sean "2035 Prez" Chrest said...

Good point, Howard. And those Ten Wise Rules only matter if we practice them. Challenge us to "Love Thy Neighbor" Will He? Hmmm... Only if he's not gay, or Muslim, or Buddhist, Right? That's the correct INTEREPRETATION, right, Daryl? Just checking.