Friday, January 20, 2006

Cantwell "has no regrets" about Iraq War Vote

"According to yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer, looks like Senator Maria Cantwell has not budged in her position on Iraq since the IWR.

Cantwell "has no regrets" P-I story.

It spurred me to fire off a letter to the Editor, reproduced below.

The topic of Cantwell and her upcoming re-election provokes a storm of squabbling among WA Kossaks--everything from "She's the greatest" to "She's useless"--depending on how monumental the war issue is to us. If you could see into my head (it's messy in there) the IRAQ WAR would be in 60-point type, most other issues of the day would be in 20- or 30-point type."-from Dina Lydia's post on Kos, in the diaries.

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