Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spreading the Progressive Audio Message

"I’m interested in recording a 1-hour, weekly podcast from Drinking Liberally… unfortunately, I don’t have any audio equipment, or in fact, any experience at all creating podcasts.

If one or more of my loyal readers would like too volunteer to serve as a producer and get this project rolling, I’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment or send me any email if you are interested. Or, if you think this is a really stupid idea, let me know that too.

And FYI… this coming Tuesday, Rep. Jay Inslee will be stopping by Drinking Liberally. Should be some good conversation."-from Goldy on

I told Goldy I wanted to help out, so if anybody knows how we can get the podcasting started let me or Goldy know. Eventually, this can be a step towards getting local progressive voices on the radio.

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