Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tell Our Senators to ''Just Say No'' to Alito (UPDATED)

They "VOTED FOR JUSTICE ROBERTS LAST TIME so they need more encouragement this time to vote against Judge Alito."-thanks to Mary Robinson for passing this along.

Sen. Maria Cantwell - WA
Phone: (202) 224-3441
Web Form

Senator Patty Murray - WA
Phone:(202) 224-2621
Web Form

Mary also suggests that you write the following letter (or something like it).

"Dear Senator:

I would like you to filibuster the vote for a Judge Alito confirmation. As a fallback, I would like you to help Sen. Harry Reid organize a unified NO vote of 100% of Democrats against the confirmation.

Advantages of a filibuster:

Energize the base – we will support a fight, follow it and thrill to it
Show card-carrying members of the Democratic Party that you trust us to get your back
Build trust with local members and activists, and build the party
Hold a debate that announces our values to the country, and build the party
Call the Republican bluff on the nuclear option and hope the moderates will blink. If they blink, we win but even if they don't, we could win. When we take back the Senate in '06 or '08, Democrats will then be able to take total control of the judicial nomination process and act as if the GOP doesn't even exist.
The Republican senators have to be considering that risk. You could say that the threat of nuclear option is a big bluff by bullies, and we all know what to do with bullies.

Fall back: Advantages of demanding a unified NO vote

Build trust with local members and activists, and build the party
Avoid demoralizing local activist members further by showing unity, leadership, and backbone
Help the activist members to better organize by pointing with pride to your speeches on the senate floor that explained the rejection of Judge Alito (See Sen. Maria Cantwell’s speech on her rejection of Judge Roberts that have been printed as handouts)


Name & address"

If you require some inspiration, check out Paul Loeb's "FILIBUSTER BUSH, IMPEACH ALITO," from

Update: Thanks to Bev Marcus for reminding me that Maria Cantwell voted NO on Roberts.

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