Thursday, January 19, 2006

Memo to Chris

"Gregoire is a terrific governor. She pays attention to people and interests from across the state; she builds alliances; and she is a sharp negotiator. Because she has Democratic allies in the leadership of both the Senate and the House, she has the ability to get a lot of good accomplished in the state.

I'd bet anything that Rove is personally directing the consistent attacks against her because they national Republicans are afraid of her. She is so effective and can demonstrate what good governing looks like. If she were to go nationwide, on talk shows and such, it would be a stark contrast to the crummy governing going on in the other Washington.

Michael Hood of blatherwatch has been saying that Democrats, particularly the governor, need to go on right-wing radio shows and take calls; these shows have middle of the road listeners. He is right. She’ll be fine with the callers. And the hosts are apparently respectful to all their guests, whatever they say at other times."-from Lynn Allen on Evergreen Politics, in her post "Watching the Governor on TV."

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