Thursday, January 12, 2006

Murray and Gregoire endorse Pelz for Dem Chair

"Dear Central Committee member-

Our party faces a very important election that will help determine our
future and our effectiveness. After many successful years, our party chair
Paul Berendt, is stepping down. Later this month you will be asked to pick a
replacement for Paul. Few other choices you make in the next year will hold
greater consequence for Washington State Democrats and whether or not we
continue our record of success.

As you know, during Paul's tenure our party has regained majorities in both
houses of the state legislature, recaptured a majority of our federal
congressional delegation, and retained critical statewide constitutional
offices, including Governor. Working with party leaders and concerned
citizens all over our great state, we have built an effective voice for
Washington state's working families. The stakes of the coming debates with
the Republicans could not higher - that's why we need continued effective
leadership in our party.

As a member of our party's Central Committee, you will chart the course of
our party's future. You will be asked to choose between many individuals
with a variety of backgrounds, all of whom have shown commitment to our
party's ideals and aspirations.

But one candidate among them stands out - Dwight Pelz.

Dwight will come to this job with a wealth of experience in precisely the
areas that will make him an effective Chair, and he has been a passionate
advocate for the values we all share.

Whether it's grassroots organizing or articulating our party's message,
ensuring that our campaigns will have the resources they need to succeed or
being responsive to the people who make up the heart of our party - Dwight's
experience and commitment are unparalleled. He is a life-long Democrat who
we are confident possesses the skills and know-how to help lead our party to

You will help determine our state's future direction through your vote.

We do not enter this debate lightly, but because the stakes are so high we
feel compelled to act. Together we can build on our past successes and
create a brighter future for all of Washington. We hope you'll join us in
supporting Dwight Pelz for our State Party Chair.


U.S. Senator Patty Murray
Governor Chris Gregoire"
-from their letter today. Thanks to Nigel Herbig for passing this along.

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