Saturday, January 21, 2006

''Governor Gregoire's approval numbers jump''

"Lynn over at Evergreen Politics notes the recent spike in the Governor's approval ratings, now showing for the first time a plurality of voters favor the job she is doing.

She is strong with women (53/40), older voters (60/36) and blacks (48/32). She is weak with men (41/53), younger voters (38/51) and Asians (43/51). The margins are thinner but she is also not yet doing well with Hispanic voters (47/51) or with Independents (44/47).

Those numbers appear to suggest that normal constituents who support democrats are lagging still. And no wonder, when you look that the constant stream of 'Gregoire was not elected' articles in the traditional media. The Governor in recent months has been making a concerted effort in getting her message out to the public, in an attempt to break through the fog of doubt being parroted by so-called 'news' outlets. Looks like it is finally having an effect.

Some recent examples of the media's handywork in helping the state GOP keep the 'in doubt' meme below."-from the post on Washblog.

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