Monday, January 09, 2006

''Senator John Edwards Visiting Tuesday, Gets The Love From Joel Connelly''

Belltowner expresses his love, too.

I posted a comment there that hasn't turned up online yet. I said I assumed his remarks about a certain local blogger referered to me. I said I was not "embittered" by any implosion, just the way some Democrats, rovians and the "traditional media" had a common interest in taking Dean down, using some of his own "mistakes." I compared this to the way an employer will start "making a case" on you, when they have decided to fire you. I also said I don't refer to Edwards by a reference to his hair, as some others do. I congratulated Edwards for his comments on his war vote, and for his focus on the poor. Finally, I requested that Mr. B. not kick me off the Edwards train just yet.

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