Sunday, January 29, 2006

''Democrats elect Dwight Pelz as State Chair''

Nobody made more phone calls, recruited more volunteers or worked the voter lists harder for Howard Dean in 2004 than Dwight Pelz. I remember the many times he introduced Dean at his Seattle events, including the "Sleepless Summer" speech in Westlake Center.

Northwest Progressive Institute has the details on the voting process. The Seattle Times covers the rovians, too, in their story, "Veteran activists to head parties." They have this about Dwight:

"Pelz told party members he is an "FDR Democrat" who believes government can be a force for good. He said Republicans have begun a war on the poor and the middle class.

He promised Democrats the party would field a candidate in every race around the state, something that hasn't always happened in Republican-heavy Eastern Washington. After his election, Pelz reached out to rural Democrats, saying he would be in rural Washington soon "to talk more than we did the first time" when he was campaigning for the job."

Carl Ballard from Washington State Political Report wishes Dwight well and sets his previous reservations aside for the moment. This portends well for the prospect of a united Democratic party in Washington state.

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