Monday, January 09, 2006

''Seattle Wants Out of Iraq''--More Coverage Plus Photos

Dina Johnson passes along photos from the event on Saturday as well as this report on the some political theatre there by the "Backbone Players":

"To give the audience a break from the serious stuff, the Backbone Players (Josh, Aaron, Dina) presented a brief satire. Every year the Al-Qaeda Academy presents awards to the most creative, most destructive, most sinister, most dangerous and most prolific creators of martyrs in all the Umma."

As a Vanna White-type stage girl, only silent, Dina wore a glam burqa ensemble.

The "Golden Scimitar" award was "a tie between Irani leader Ayatollah Khameini and The Kansas State School Board for their success in eliminating the artificial barrier between Church and State."

Al Qaeda Recruiter of the Year is "the individual who has done the most to attract new members to the ranks of our international network of murder, mayhem, and anti-American violence." George Bush won the award for the third straight year, competing with Alberto Gonzales, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Rumsfeld, whose pictures were displayed."

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