Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Hillary Clinton, Obama, Edwards Looking at California TV Buys"

California Majority Report:
The three top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination are making inquiries of television stations to purchase commercial time -- yet another indication that the decision to move up the California Presidential Primary was a smart one for California voters.

Media buyers have confirmed to the California Majority Report that the Clinton and Obama camps have contacted cable networks throughout the state for rates and specs for television advertising. The Edwards campaign is looking at the bay area and sac media markets only, according to the buyers.

California's television market is one of the most expensive in America. Yet it remains one of the most effective ways to reach voters, particularly through micro targeting now available through cable (we'll have more on that in a subsequent post).

Clearly, all three of the top tier campaigns have started planning for a longer fight for the nomination, given the tightness of the race in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Clinton campaign has an active vote-by-mail program, the Obama campaign has begun a field campaign. Edwards activists also have been organizing voters, though not at the same level.

All this activity -- TV, field organizing, absentee voter programs -- shows that California may indeed play a key role in the contest after all.

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