Saturday, December 29, 2007


Michelle Obama (Baltimore Sun):
“To me, it’s now or never,” Michelle was quoted as saying in a Vanity Fair article released to the media this week. “We’re not going to keep running and running and running, because at some point you do get the life beaten out of you. It hasn’t been beaten out of us yet. We need to be in there now, while we’re still fresh and open and fearless and bold. You lose some of that over time. Barack is not cautious yet; he’s ready to change the world, and we need that. So if we’re going to be cautious, I’d rather let somebody else do it, because that’s a big investment of time, just to do it the same way. There’s an inconvenience factor there, and if we’re going to uproot our lives, then let’s hopefully make a real big dent in what it means to be president of the United States.”
Howie P.S.: The Vanity Fair "article" referenced above is really a rather long interview.

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