Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Obama on Health Care Reform" (with video)

Iowa Independent, with video (04:10):
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama took a question from a skeptical audience member who said there was "a certain unreality about listening to you [Obama] that's about like listening to George Bush..."

Obama responded by addressing two parts of the man's question: "electability and governance."

For the final part of his answer he drew a sharp distinction between his methods and the Clintons' work on health care in the 1990s.

He said, "My plan is not that different from Hillary Clinton's plan or John Edward's plan or any of the other plans. The question is how do you move it forward ... I admire Sen. Clinton Bill Clinton for having tried in 1993 but they did it the wrong way ... they went behind closed doors."
Howie P.S.: Related to this discussion, Ben Smith links to an article on Obama's theory of change in his post, "Naive or hard-nosed?"

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