Monday, December 31, 2007

"Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell Endorses Clinton"
Cantwell is 10th Senator To Back Hillary; By Far, More Senators Support Clinton Than Any Other Democratic Candidate

Hillary Clinton picked up her 10th U.S. Senate endorsement today, by far the most of any Democratic presidential candidate.

Washington Senator Maria Cantwell was the latest to announce her support for Hillary, citing her ability to deliver real solutions to America’s problems.
"Hillary is ready to address our energy challenges on day one with a bold, comprehensive plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and move America toward a renewable energy future," Senator Cantwell said.

Reelected in 2006, Sen. Cantwell has championed the development of clean, alternative fuels, and led the effort to stop drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The fact that 10 U.S. senators have endorsed Hillary in the midst of a heated primary race speaks volumes—they know that she is ready to lead this country on Day One and is the most electable Democrat in the field.

"I’m honored to have such strong support from my colleagues across the country,” Clinton said. “They have concluded that I would be the best president and the Democrat most likely to be elected in 2008."

Hillary’s support comes from every corner of America and represents the diversity of our nation, including red state Senators Evan Bayh of Indiana and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

Clinton has 77 congressional endorsements, more than double any other presidential candidate. They include some of the most vocal opponents of the Iraq war.

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