Saturday, December 29, 2007

Obama robocall: Clinton's "misleading attacks"

Ben Smith:

Obama RoboCall - Twango

Obama's campaign is out with a sharp-edged robocall from an Ames physician, "Dr. Bob" (his last name isn't clearly audible in this recording), pushing back on Clinton's criticism of his health care plan.

The opening: "Hillary Clinton and her allies have launched misleading attacks."

This call, recorded last night in Fort Dodge, is a sign of the fact that he's waging an all-out, two-front war against Clinton and Edwards, with both of their allies amplifying their attacks. Some polls have cast him as the frontrunner, and those attacks reflect that dynamic.

This call counters negative mailings and radio ads from AFSCME, the public workers union, which is spending heavily on Hillary's behalf.

"Clinton would force people to buy insurance, even if they can't afford it," he says.

Rough transcript -- the sound isn't perfect -- after the jump.

My name is Dr Bob ???, and I'm a physician in Ames, Iowa.

Hillary Clinton and her Allies have launched misleading attacks on Barack Obama's.
healthcare plan.

Well it's time to set the record straight

Bill Clinton's own secretary of labor looked at both of their plans and said that Obama's plan will insure more people than Hillary Clinton's.

The key difference Clinton would force people to buy insurance even they can't afford it.

Obama says the reason people don't have insurance is because it costs too much. His plan saves the typical family $2500 dollars per year.

That's how Barack Obama will cover everyone.

Forget the negative attacks, just the facts at

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