Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Obama's Iowa Closing Argument...."

Greg Sargent (TPM Election Central): still being written as we speak, according to Obama himself. Obama told reporters at a campaign stop today that he's retooling his closing argument speech to "focus people's attention on how close we are to making change." He's set to deliver the speech in Des Moines tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, in another potential preview of what he'll say tomorrow, Obama moved to undercut Hillary's touting of the successes of her husband's administration and her role in them:

"We have the chance, maybe for the first time in a generation, to come together and start tackling problems that George [W.] Bush made worse but that were there long before George Bush took office,' Obama said in another swipe at Clinton, who often invokes her husband’s presidency as a model.

Will Dem primary voters be receptive to the argument that George W. Bush is only partly responsible for some of the mess he made -- and that in some cases he merely exacerbated problems that already existed under Bill Clinton and before? We'll soon find out.

Howie P.S.: Politico has "Obama ups the ante in Iowa" on his final pitch there.

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