Friday, February 11, 2005

Blue Marketing 101--Two Versions

Short Version: "We've got to stop beating on each other and redirect our fire against the people we disagree with."-- Former President Bill Clinton, quoted by the Washington Post, on the Democratic Party's main problem, from Political Wire. Long Version: "Progressives and Democrats: Assert your brand" from Thom Hartmann on Common Dreams via The Smirking Chimp. Free sample: "Democrats must reassert their brand, and establish their identity. To do this, the Party must say, loudly: "We're for the average working stiff in America, and we'll prove it by bringing jobs back from overseas by pulling out of the WTO and NAFTA, supporting organized labor, strengthening the social safety net, and keeping government from being a honey pot for either churches or corporations." And then they must come up with a simple name for it, like Newt's "Contract" or Roosevelt's "New Deal" or LBJ's "Great Society" to provide voters with a hook for identification."

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