Tuesday, February 22, 2005

''To Dean or not to Dean? - Chairman Dean will help Dems find footing in America"

The student newspaper at Texas A&M has the article. Here's a bite: "Since his political entrance, Dean has been irrationally painted an extreme liberal - a likely result of his pro-choice and anti-war dialogue. But it is the misinformed with paint brushes in hand. The basic foundations of liberalism have always included progression, concern for the poor, interest in the environment and all around empathy for diverse America. Dean's ideology is founded upon the best interest of all people. Dean emphasizes that the Democratic party is a perfect answer for young people looking for a government that speaks to them, and he is motivated to redefine party principles without further polarizing the country. Dean isn't trying to force his liberalism down America's throat; he is merely trying to bring the Democratic party out of a social and political rut."

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