Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On the Road with Howard Dean

"I am looking to build a democratic agenda, a democratic machine that is strong enough to beat the republican machine. I very much believe the only way to win is to do some of the things Gingrich did in 94. We have to show that we are really different from the republicans and not like them. And we have to stand for something. Conviction means a lot in politics and ...that is going to be good for the country,” Dean said."-from the story on the News Ten Now (Syracuse, NY) website. The reporter for the previous story is grammatically challenged. Knight Ridder has this, "Pledging to campaign everywhere, Dean will visit Kansas for 2 days" with the following: "Dean is scheduled to visit other red states in the weeks ahead, including Mississippi on Tuesday. That Dean would target Kansas so early in his tenure surprised fellow Democrats. "I'm agog," said state Sen. Mark Gilstrap, a Kansas City, Kan., Democrat. "Maybe he can help turn some of the Republicans around in the next election cycle." Dean said that although Kansas is bright red, Democrats have had their successes with Sebelius and U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore from the state's 3rd District, who just won his fourth term. While he's in the state, Dean said, he hopes to persuade Democrats to knock on doors to spread the Democratic message. Neighbor-to-neighbor contact is the best way to win converts, he said. "There are Democrats everywhere, but many of them don't say who they are anymore because the culture has said it's not socially acceptable to be a Democrat," Dean said." Just announced: Dean's March 6th visit to Seattle has been postponed, "due to new commitments scheduled by the DNC."

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