Friday, February 25, 2005


I received the following email today: "I sent this to the P I the other day hoping they would print it. Maybe it could reach the light of day in your blog. This is a serious proposition. As a dedicated Democrat who has worked for many democratic candidates starting with Jimmy Carter in 1976, I would like to support a Republican proposal. But in the interest of saving time and money let's have a controlled revote in a medium sized area. Let's say 100,000 voters in 58 precincts. If the vote comes out the same as it did on election day, then we should revote the state. Yes- hold a revote in Snohomish County, but just the folks who voted on unverifiable electronic voting machines. Which as it happens is where Rossi received 50,400 votes to Gregoire's 42,145 and according to those running the election there were few if any problems. These numbers were, according to, a mathematical impossibility: 1 in 100,000 trillion. Creating a paper trail to back up the machine vote would go a long way toward boosting confidence in the current voting system. Since the 2000 election folks across the Blogisphere have had serious doubts about our election system; 20% of the nation have doubts about unverifiable electronic voting machines. The 2002 and 2004 elections have just added fuel to the fire of doubts. So for the statisticians, the doubting Thomas's, Mr. Rossi and for my fellow democrats let's have a limited REVOTE. Somehow I just don't see Mr. Rossi implementing this plan. I wish most fervently that the same Democrats who raised the $750,000 for the first hand recount would get behind this plan. This is an opportunity which comes so infrequently and so many questions could be answered."
Thomas M. Gray
901 135th av se
Snohomish, Wa 98290
425 334-9159

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