Saturday, February 19, 2005

Voice of America: ''The Democrats are in trouble''

It's supposed to be a news story, but the Rovians reaffirm their committment to "fair and balanced" journalism with this review of the current political scene in the article "US Political Parties Appear Headed In Different Directions." They quote the party line from the Rovian in Chief, himself: "The president's top political adviser, Karl Rove, recently told a conservative group in Washington that conservatism has now become the "dominant political creed" in the United States. "We are seizing the mantle of idealism," said Karl Rove. "As you know, the president has made a powerful case in the inaugural speech, and before, for spreading human liberty and defending human dignity. This was once largely the preserve of liberalism. But a fellow named Ronald Reagan changed all that. President Bush has built on these beliefs, and is committed to something no past president has ever attempted, spreading liberty to the broader Middle East." A swell photo of the man ("Turdblossom") on a cell phone as well as one of the President.

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