Monday, February 28, 2005

''Toxic warfare & Birth Defects: Iraqi doc shows ugly truth''

"The audience wanted to hear uncensored news. The women described terribly damaged infrastructure, bombed out neighborhoods, no clean water, electricity only 2 hours a day at best. The lack of electricity meant not only household hardships, but no factories could function, therefore no jobs, more poverty, poor hospital care. At first, they said, many people were glad that Saddam was gone. But the public didn't fail to notice that oil fields were guarded but munitions stores, commercial areas, museums, etc. were not, therefore mass looting ensued. They didn't fail to notice that fellow Iraqis were treated with disrespect (she may have been referring to Abu Ghraib). Many homes were destroyed or damaged, many civilians killed or harmed. Someone asked if there was much rebuilding done by U.S. troops. The Iraqi women said that they'd seen almost no rebuilding, but lots and lots of PAINTING. One had wondered: "Is there a problem in the U.S., an oversupply of paint?" It's not hard to figure that one; slapping a coat of paint on something has to be the cheapest and easiest way to make it look better, fast, even if underneath it's unsound. The BushCo way of doing things."-from Seattle super-Deaniac Dina Lydia's post on Kos after hearing an Iraqi doctor speak here.

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