Tuesday, February 22, 2005

''Dean will rescue the Democratic Party''

You've probably never heard of Butler University, but here's a few choice words from their commentary today: "His goals as the DNC Chair are simple. Elect Democratic candidates for city council, county commissioner, school board, and state assembly. Begin to change the party’s incoherent image the Republican campaigners have successfully framed on us. He believes that if efforts begin on the local level people will begin to trust their government and will want to have a voice in government decisions. Dean understands that Democracy, like any other institution, needs to be nurtured continuously. Through Howard, Democrats and others will begin to realize that for Democracy to function at its highest capacity, a direct, hands-on approach is necessary. If everyone is not participating through group meetings, fundraising, running for office, attending rallies, making phone calls, knocking on doors, or simply talking to people in the grocery line, its power will begin to fall to corruption and inherent greed. Howard told his first 432 supporters, "You have the power!" He will bring this message and ethical standard to our party. Be proud to be a Democrat, a bright and successful future lies ahead."-from the op-ed in the student newspaper, "Dawgnet." The answer to your silent question: Butler University is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, a "red" state. Dean is on a mini-tour of college campuses and this AP story, "Dean Brings Grassroots Message To Upstate Campuses," gives us a taste of the message: "In a telephone interview with The Buffalo News yesterday, Dean said traditionally Republican upstate New York is the kind of turf that's receptive to the Democratic message. Dean said Republicans in New York state don't balance budgets, cut back on school funding, and load local governments with unfunded mandates. He said that has been awful for upstate New York communities. Dean has come under verbal attack from New York's new Republican state chairman, Stephen Minarik, who calls Dean an extreme liberal far from America's mainstream. But Dean says he's spreading the message that Democrats better represent mainstream America than Republicans do."

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