Saturday, February 12, 2005

More of Today's Dean News

Dean Accepts DNC Helm With Low-Key Speech," from the LA Times includes this quote: "The former Vermont governor, whose 2004 presidential bid ran aground amid questions about his judgment and temperament, acknowledged that few -- including himself -- could have predicted such a rapid return to national prominence. But he won the chairmanship the same way he went from dark horse to one-time frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination: by developing an ardent following at the grassroots and tapping widespread contempt for the party's inside-the-Beltway leadership." The P-I and the Times go with very similar versions of this AP story, from the P-I. Under some duress, here is the NY Times story, "Democrats Elect Dean as Committee Chairman." I didn't see any passive-agresssive digs in my reading of the story, so maybe they are chillin' for the moment.

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